Jerry Jones Wants Cowboys’ Offense To Play Like They Practice


I’m not sure what team in any sport doesn’t look good in practice.

According to the Dallas Morning News, Jones likes everything he see’s from his high powered offense during practice, but he’d now like that to translate to the games.

I saw it really good in preseason,’’ Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I saw it good in training camp. And I’ve seen it good here in game preparation. I have seen us limited in sometimes what we practice out there as to getting that to the field during the game. That’s one of the things that we reviewed and are trying to get better at, to get those adjustments that we have made offensively to actually get that involved in the game.’’

“The more we can do that means things are going as planned and we’ll be better if we can get a lot of the things we’ve practiced on and implemented during the offseason on the field,’’ Jones said.