Jerry Rice Claims His Twitter Was Hacked; Apologizes to Randy Moss



I don’t think Jerry Rice was hacked when he said this….

Jerry Rice Randy Moss Tweet

I explained why the Tweet wasn’t as it ruthless as it seemed, but still a subtle diss of Moss. Almost a full day later, Rice had this to say according to Bay Area Sports Guy.

What I think is like many athletes and entertainers, Rice has someone tweeting for him and whoever the person was, spoke a little too freely/  That is why Rice took so long to reply because it wasn’t him who wrote the tweet.

He should have just told the truth, but since they are both retired no one really cares.


  1. Moss is better than Rice. Stats or not. Moss does have more TD’s per catch in his career and a higher TD per game than Rice. Rice had better qb’s and teams. Give Moss Brady his WHOLE career like Rice had Montana and Young, Moss would have ALL the records.

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