Jets may use CB Antonio Cromartie to Cover Jimmy Graham



The Patriots were able to hold Saints TE Jimmy Graham to 0 receptions by using CB Aqib Talib during the week six matchup between the two teams.  Jets head coach, Rex Ryan, took notice and hasn’t ruled out using CB Antonio Cromartie as the main defender responsible for covering Graham.

“It’s a thought,” Ryan said. “I think from a size and skill-wise (standpoint), yeah I think he could handle it. But that guy is a unique cat now. Graham has the speed of a receiver (and) the size of an offensive tackle.”

Graham was regulated to mainly red zone duty during last week’s game vs. Buffalo due to a torn plantar fascia, and he still managed 2 TDs.  Even with Graham not at 100%, he still is a threat, so Cromartie or whoever may cover him will have their hands full in the red zone.

H/T: NY Daily News