Jets Receivers Encouraging Geno Smith After Turnover Filled Performance



For Jets rookie QB Geno Smith, there hasn’t been any game time consistency. There are flashes of brilliance followed by confusion about his decision making. The New York Daily News reports that his receivers are having his back and decided to make an extra effort this week to show that they support him. They decided to approach him and offer encouragement so that Smith wouldn’t lose his way in the media frenzy following the loss to Buffalo.

David Nelson spoke on behalf of the receivers and said:

“We didn’t all walk up to him at once. It was one of those things where we made a decision as a group that if you get a chance and see Geno today, let him know that we appreciate him and we know he’s capable of leading this team to the playoffs.”

“Whether it be receivers weren’t in the right spot or the protection wasn’t the way it was supposed to be, there were a lot of miscues in that game. A lot of mental errors. It wasn’t just on Geno.

“If it was a guy who has been in the league six or seven years, it may not have been as big a deal, but for a guy who’s been in the league for 11 weeks, he may have needed that. He’s just got to know that his teammates have his back.”

Before the season began, it seemed that the Jets would be the NFL’s biggest spectacle. However, the team seems to be coming together despite the good and the bad, and as Wilson said, it’s definitely important that Smith knows his teammates are on his side.

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