Jim Harbaugh Says Kaepernick Showed ‘Armadillo Skin’ Against Redskins


The season hasn’t continued on the fairy tale road that Colin Kaepernick was probably hoping for, but last night he was able to lay to rest a lot of recent criticism of his inability to lead his team down the field for touchdowns. NBC Sports reports that kudos from his coach Jim Harbaugh prove once again there was no doubting Kaepernick within the 49ers organization.

“Some people have baby deer skin. And some people have armadillo skin. He’s got armadillo skin. It’s just strong, good leadership.”

Kaepernick finished 15-24 with 235 yards, 3 touchdowns and his best QB passer rating to date of 134.5. Teammate Anquan Boldin remains steadfast on Kaepernick’s side and responded to postgame media questions by saying:

“You’ve got to ask the people who were questioning him. I mean, for us, we didn’t lose confidence in ourselves. We know what we’re capable of doing.

“He [Kaepernick] was himself. I think he’s that way every week. He comes out. He prepares the right way. He has great practices. He’s into meetings or giving his opinions, so I see that from him every week.”

Coincidentally enough, the 49ers played the Redskins where Robert Griffin III is another QB that is receiving a lot of flak from critics about his poor performance in his sophomore season and unfortunately hasn’t been able to step up his game to date.