Jonathan Martin’s Lawyer Tweets The Text Sent to Richie Incognito (Photo)



Frankly, this strengthens Incogonito’s case that he and Martin joke around a lot in text messages. If this is the real text that Martin sent Incognito, it just proves Incognito’s point that these messages aren’t malicious even if they aren’t politically correct.


  1. Wrong again Littal, sending one of these pre-created pic/texts of an animal with a crazy look on his face is a looonnnggg way from me sending you a direct text saying I’m going to kill you. The dog is actually talking to the woman in the pic. The way Incognito presented it was as if Martin said it to him directly. Incognito is a practiced liar and his record shows it. Once again I urge you to add some depth and intelligence to your little website.

    • “The dog is actually talking to the women in the pic”. How do you conclude that? The dog is talking to whoever the meme was sent to. That was Ingogito.

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