Jordan Picks Dunk Over Ewing As His Favorite (Video)

Michael Jordan Dunk On Patrick Ewing

Michael Jordan has a lengthy highlight real of incredible dunks, but which one is the G.O.A.T.S’s favorite?  NBA 2K14 asked him which of his hundreds of dunks was the most memorable.

My most memorable dunk that I think about very, very often is the Patrick Ewing dunk. You know that’s only because Patrick and I are such great friends. And Oakley was a part of that whole process because he thought he could defend. We got into a screen and roll and then I spent back and Patrick…

I told him, Georgetown guys don’t block shots, they take charges. I dunked it on him so hard it was unbelievable. Every time I see him, that’s the first thing I remind him of.

Nice choice. It was during those NBA years that I fell in love with basketball. I can only imagine the conversations the vets from that time have when they get together.

The Bulls swept the Knicks in that 1st round series on the way to Jordan’s 1st championship.