JR Smith After Going 3-18: “I’m Playing Like Sh*t”


I never understood why the Knicks were so determined to re-sign Smith. Entertaining guy, but it best served with limited minutes and not the primary second scorer on any time.  Here are his quotes courtesy of ESPN.

“Excuse my language but I was playing like s—,” he said. “I played terrible. I’ve been playing terrible since I got back and I wasn’t happy about it.” 

Smith had another awful night from the floor in the Knicks’ 20-point loss to Atlanta. 

The shooting guard went 3-for-18 from the floor and scored just seven points in 36 minutes. 

“Honestly, I don’t even know,” Smith said. “I’ve been getting my shots up before and after practice, been working out like I’m supposed to and I can’t transition it into a game. That’s the most frustrating part.” 

Maybe stop Tweeting?  Just trying to help here.