Julio Cesar Chavez Jr vs Bryan Vera Rematch Talks Underway


Bob Arum has let it be known that a rematch for often out of shape boxer, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Bryan Vera is likely to happen on March 1st. This may seem like a long time between fights, but HBO doesn’t want to share viewers with the winter Olympics that’ll air in January and February.

Chavez Jr. would then have four months to prepare and make the 168 lb weight limit that was previously agreed upon for their first fight.

Chavez missed that weight 3 times before the first fight, which led to a catch weight of 173 lbs. Even with all of the concessions made Chavez Jr. was dominated by Vera and the only three people to disagree with that were the judges ringside. Chavez Jr. was awarded a unanimous victory in what will go down as the biggest boxing robbery of 2013.

This next fight will determine Chavez Jr.’s heart and his ability to fight at a higher level than he is at currently. A large pay day is awaiting him if he can ever take his craft seriously and get into elite shape.