K Michelle Says JR Smith is Community Pen*s (Video)


Yesterday we informed you that K Michelle is currently in battle with JR Smith’s new girlfriend. This is K Michelle after all, so the story surely wasn’t going to end there. JocksandstilettoJill now has video of K explaining why she is attacking Smith’s girlfriend, and she even goes as far as to call him “community pen*s.”

“If he’s your man, honey, you don’t have to call and ask me about it, that’s not your man. He might be community pen*s, you don’t know. But I’m the wrong person to call. You’re going to get a rude awakening on the other end. Don’t call me about no mess, especially when I’m in a positive place.”

While this is all well and true K, it would be a much better look for her to stop bringing attention to a situation with a man that she has supposedly moved on from. If this is her “positive place,” it’s scary to think of what the negative place would compel her to do.

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  • She’s attractive……..

    • Guess K Michelle enjoyed the comunnity pen*s…….

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