Kanye West Uses a Latrell Sprewell Line to Describe Move From NIKE to adidas


Kanye West Kim Kardashian

I don’t pay too much attention or get worked up over anything Kanye West says. He’s an entertainer and an attention whore, his persona is about getting people to talk about him.

So of course he is going to be over the top with everything, that is what makes him money. I don’t think he even believes 80% of what he says, but sometimes the character takes over the real person and then you are in character all the time.

But, it works for him, I just want good music, which was lacking a bit on YEEZUS, but I will give him a mulligan on that one. Kim Kardashian has that effect on people.

While talking about why he moved on from NIKE to adidas, he dropped a classic Latrell Sprewell line, so if you can spot it.


  1. How are you gonna say someone is an attention whore when you make it your business to report on all things Draya. She isnt even talented!

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