Karlos Dansby Thinks Richie Incognito’s Character Is Being Attacked


And to think they said Karlos Dansby was an intelligent player.

Dansby is back playing linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals after a stint playing for the Miami Dolphins.  Dansby has some familiarity with Richie Incognito, so that seems to have made the veteran linebacker an expert on Incognito’s character, or lack thereof.

While addressing the media Monday, Dansby told the Arizona Republic that “the allegations of bullying and harassment against Incognito are an attack on his character.”

“Richie was a down-to-earth guy,” Dansby said. “I hate all this came out about him. It’s really attacking his character. I hope Martin doesn’t have any backlash from this from the rest of his teammates.”

How can one of the NFL’s dirtiest and more ignorant players simply be a down to earth guy?

Karlos Dansby you just lost some points my man.