Knicks Have Players-Only Meeting; Melo Questions Their Effort

Carmelo Anthony

Knicks seem to be panicking themselves even though it is very early in the season. Probably a product of not just playing in New York, but knowing that Melo might be looking to move on if the wheels fall off.

New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony questioned the team’s effort in a players-only meeting following a loss to the Charlotte Bobcats on Tuesday.

We shut the door after the game and talked it out a little bit and tried to figure out what was happening,” Anthony said Friday.

“We’ve got to want it, we’ve got to want to do it. We’ve got to believe in ourselves, and right now we’re playing like we don’t even believe in ourselves,” Anthony said. “It’s just effort.”

“You cannot turn the ball over if you want to be a good team in this league,” Anthony said. “Hopefully the conversation we had after that game made everybody realize that although it is early there are some things we need to fix and we need to fix now.”