Kobe on Dwight Howard: “I Think He’ll Have Great Year”

Kobe Bryant Has No Idea When He'll Return.

Kobe is a little bit more media savvy than Dwight, so when they tried to bait him, he gave a very politically correct answer, while also taking a subtle dig at him.

“I think he’ll have a great year,” Bryant said of Howard. “He’s always very determined to be more of an offensive player. Here in Houston he’ll have the opportunity to do that. He always wanted to compete with some of the all-time greats, the Chamberlains and Shaqs and Olajuwons and so forth. This year should be the year where he starts putting up those kind of numbers — 25, 26 (points per game), stuff like that.”

I don’t think anyone including Kobe believes Dwight will be mentioned with those other Centers, but that is his way of pointing out that even in Houston, you will see there is a limit to his abilities.