Kordell Stewart Says He’s Not Gay, He’s 100% Man (Video)


See what happens when you marry a reality show star?

As soon as the marriage went sour Kordell’s ex-wife Porsha used her platform to call into question Kordell’s sexual orientation.

So this forced Kordell into some comments that in retrospect he probably would want to take back.

A lot of people believe if you are gay, you aren’t a “100% Man”, my personal belief is you have to be very careful questioning someone’s manhood based on their sexual preference. The reason I say that is because throughout history people have been told they are less of a man because of their race or religion, so to me it is hypocritical to jump to those assumptions when dealing with sexual preferences.

It might be best for Kordell, who has been questioned about this for years, to just stop answering.

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  • These rumors were swirling around LONG before he married Porsha. lol He was still playing in Pittsburgh when they started.

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