LeBron’s Wife Savannah Opening Juice Bar in Miami

Savannah James Juice Bar

You might not agree with all the decisions LeBron has made over the years, but hard to fault him for marrying Savannah.

She seems like a very bright individual and she will be trying to put those talents to use, by opening her own Juice Bar in Miami.

After years of hearing her husband talk about his business projects, LeBron James’ wife Savannah will start her own juice business next month.

“I would listen to him talk about his conversations with Warren Buffett or Jerry Jones,” she said. “But I wanted to get into business, too.”

James said her husband will stand behind her, but that this will very much be her own project.

“LeBron’s connection to my company is that he supports me,” she said. “But this going to my baby.”

Good luck to her.

Savannah James Juice Bar 2

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  • As hot as it gets in Miami, this is a good idea.

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