London Fletcher Says NFC East Is Terrible

london fletcher blames security


Well…he’s not wrong.

London Fletcher opened up on his thoughts about the current state of the NFC East:

“The great thing about this year is that the NFC East is so terrible…You look at it and we’re in Week (11), and our leader is 5-5. So even at 3-6, we’re conceivably still in this thing. Every team has been so bad, nobody’s really been able to separate themselves, so that’s good for us. That’s good for everybody [in the division].”

Have to admire that kind of honesty, but Fletcher is simply just bringing up the pink elephant in the proverbial lockerroom.

Doesn’t require a genius IQ to take a look at the NFC East and see that something’s gone terribly awry this season. At 3-6 the Red Skins, along with the 6 losses in a row Giants, are very much still in place to win the division.

The once mighty NFC East is going through some tough times.

Via Profootballtalk