Man Pretending to Be LeBron’s Dad Re-Files Lawsuit Wants $4 Million


Leicester Bryce Stovell 6

Who cares if the DNA test showed that Leicester Bryce Stovell wasn’t the father, he is trying to get paid and nothing is going to stop him.

Check out the details courtesy of Gossip Extra.

D.C. lawyer Leicester Bryce Stovell, who filed not jut one but TWO lawsuits to show the world he is the double NBA champ’s long-lost dad, has filed an appeal with a federal court after his second action was dismissed in September, Gossip Extra has learned.

So far Stovell, who claims he fathered the 28-year-old James during a one-night stand with Gloria James, hasn’t told the court what he plans to argue in the appeal.

Stovell wants $4 million, good luck with that.


  1. a look at his hair would tell you all you needed to know, there was no need for a DNA to confirm that he was not the father lmao.

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