Mario Chalmers On Pacers Fast Start: “They Still Gotta Come See Us”


I think the Pacers are equipped to handle Mario’s challenge.

Even after their own slow start, and the Pacers 9-0 start out the gate, the Miami Heat say they aren’t fazed by the Indiana Pacers.

In fact, according to Mario Chalmers, the Pacers still have to go through the Heat.

“Nope,” Mario Chalmers said. “They still got to see us. At the end of the day, they still got to come play us.”

“9-0 (was) a great start for them,” Chalmers said Tuesday, prior to the Pacers beating the Knicks in overtime on Wednesday to move to 10-1. “You can’t knock what they’re doing. Right now, they’re in a great rhythm, and they’re playing great basketball, but they ain’t played the Heat yet. You know?”

The NBA schedule makers did a great job.  The two teams won’t meet for the first time until Dec. 10 in Indianapolis.