Mark Jackson Says Klay Thompson Is A Top 5 SG


Mark Jackson Praises Klay Thompson.

Klay Thompson came onto the national scene during last postseason. People went from looking at the Warriors as Stephen Curry’s team to Steph and Klay’s team, aka “Splash Brothers”.

Thompson has expanded his game, he can create off the dribble and he’s a very good perimeter defender. His best skill is still shooting, however. He’s shooting 55% from the field and 51% from distance.

Mark Jackson witnesses Klay’s talent on a everyday basis and that made him say the following:

“He’s a top-five (shooting) guard in this league,” Jackson says, “and I’m being respectful.”

Shooting guard is the NBA’s weakest position right now, so its hard to debate this. Obviously, Kobe Bryant and James Harden are the consensus top two shooting guards. After that, you may go with Dwyane Wade or Joe Johnson, but Thompson is arguably better than both.

I would say Klay Thompson is at least knocking on the door.

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