Maurice Cheeks: Brandon Jennings Doesn’t Know How To Play PG Yet


Coming from Cheeks, this is more of a compliment, than a diss to Brandon Jennings.

Cheeks may be a middle of the pack coach, but he was always considered one of the top point guards in the game as the floor general of some great 76ers teams.

Cheeks knew where everyone on the floor was supposed to be — or supposed to be going.  If they weren’t in the right spots, he told them.

According to Shawn Windsor of the Detroit Free Press, Cheeks feels that Jennings still doesn’t really know how to play the point guard position yet.

t takes a certain amount of time for a guy to do that if that if they haven’t been doing it that way their whole career,” Cheeks said. “I don’t think it’s just an overnight thing, I think Brandon is learning a little of that.”

“It’s very important to figure out where a (teammate) should be and direct him where to go,” Cheeks said. “It’s not an overnight thing where you learn how to play with Andre Drummond, Greg Monroe, Josh Smith.”

I’m not sure how much longer Jennings has to learn.  Count the one year in Italy, and four in the NBA, and Brandon Jennings has spent five seasons playing professional basketball.