Mets Discussing Possible Trade For Ryan Braun


Ryan-Braun come clean


The Mets have entered YOLO mode.

It’s been reported that the Mets are having internal discussions with the Brewers for a trade which would send the disgraced Braun to New York, via NBC Sports:

Recently, Brewers GM Doug Melvin said that the two teams would make a good match as trading partners. The Mets are looking to move first baseman Ike Davis and the Brewers were reportedly willing to move outfielder Norichika Aoki. Cerrone, however, writes that the Brewers are more than likely to trade Braun than Aoki.

Braun still has 2 years $22 million remaining on his massive contract , in 2016, his new extension kicks in, paying him $105 million through 2020.

Anyone aware of the Mets spending track record knows this deal is a long shot, but if it’s made it’s a sign that the Mets are serious about rebuilding.