Metta World Peace Didn’t Know Who Knicks Coach was When He Came to NY


When your team is on a downward spiral, the best thing to do is not put yourself in a position to bring more negative attention to the team. Metta World Peace probably missed that lesson, since according to ESPN New York he told the media that when he first came to the Knicks, he had no idea who the head coach was and didn’t care.

“I honestly didn’t even know who the coach was when I was coming to New York. I just wanted to win a championship; I didn’t even know who was coaching. I didn’t care. It could have been Aunt Jemima. They could have had the syrup coaching. I was coming here regardless. I just wanted to win a championship here.

Mike Woodson is the obvious person that has to accept responsibly because he is the head coach, but the Knicks’ problems far outreach Mike Woodson. As shown by World Peace’s response, it does;t appear that Woodson has a good hold of things in his locker room right now.