Mike Ditka Calls Jonathan Martin A Baby

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All the NFL pre game shows of course covered the Jonathan Martin-Richie Incognito situation. One of more interesting exchanges about it came on ESPN’s pregame show where Mike Ditka gave his unique opinion about the situation:

“I want to say one thing,” he said, according to Pro Football Talk. “If I was the coach, I wouldn’t have either Incognito, the bully, or the baby, Martin, on my team. That’s me. [Does] that make me right? No. That makes me me. And I would stand up to that, because you don’t do what Martin did and you don’t do want Incognito did. Period.”

Listen, calling a man who may or may not have mental or emotional problems “a baby” isn’t the greatest look in the world. However, Ditka is entitled to his opinion like everyone else. I am surprised however, that ESPN didn’t tell him to pick his words more carefully after he said that the way to deal with this is to take the bully to “fist city.”

It will be interesting to see if he is forced to apologize.

2 thoughts on “Mike Ditka Calls Jonathan Martin A Baby

  • Age finally caught up with his mind.

  • Why would he have to apologize, expressing his opinion.

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