Mike Leach Called Big 12 Commissioner During a Game To Complain About Refs

Mike Leach

Former Texas Tech head coach and current Washington State head coach Mike Leach has been known to be a little wacky. With that being said, news came out today that back in 2007 Leach called the Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe to yell and him and curse him out about the refs according to one of his former QBs Graham Harrell:

“I can remember in the third quarter, he’s pulling his cell phone out,” Harrell says of Texas Tech’s 2007 loss at Texas. “He always talked to me between series, so he’s talking to me and he pulls his cell phone out and he called the Big 12 commissioner. He’s like cussing out the Big 12 commissioner, telling him like, ‘These refs are screwing us. You better watch my post-game press conference because I’ve got some stuff to say.'”

The other funny thing is that he actually back it up and called the refs a “complete travesty”  The Big 12 probably didn’t appreciate all that and fined him $10,000, which at the time the largest fine ever given out by the conference.

I just want to know how Leach got a call out of the stadium since I can never even fire off a tweet at a game. Leach is awesome for this by the way.