Mike Tomlin Says “I Lost My Placement” While Watching Return on Jumbotron


Last night during the Thanksgiving matchup between the Ravens and the Steelers, it seemed that Mike Tomlin assisted his Steelers special teams by getting in Jacoby Jones’ way and seemingly causing him to get tackled early. According to NBC Sports After the game Tomlin was asked about why exactly he was on the field.

“I always watch the returns on the Jumbotron. It provides a better perspective for me.  Obviously, I lost my placement as he broke free.  I started at the last second and saw how close I was to the field of play.”

“I do it quite often like everyone else in the National Football League,” Tomlin said.  “I was wrong.  I accept responsibility for it.”

Tomlin wasn’t flagged for interference as he should’ve been, but Joe Flacco had something to say about it.

“I took some flak I think for kind of joking around in the Super Bowl and saying that maybe you should run on the field and tackle somebody if this guy breaks it,” Flacco told reporters.  “I kind of took flak for that.  That’s exactly what he just did.  He was looking at the big screen the whole entire time.  He knew where he was.  He knew where Jacoby was.  He did.  He pulled my move.  He did what I thought we should do.”

You can expect the league office to respond to Tomlin’s presence on the field soon.