Mike Tyson on Rick James Disrespecting Eddie Murphy’s Couch

Rick James

You have all seen the Chapelle Show Rick James skit right (NSFW)?

Mike Tyson tells his version of the story in his new book “The Undisputed Truth”. Check it out courtesy of Rolling Stone.

He once was working on some music with Eddie Murphy and he was over at Eddie’s house. I went in and Eddie came up to me.

“Mike, this nigga’s put his feet on my chairs,” Eddie said. He was complaining about Rick. Eddie had an immaculate house; everything had to be just right. And Rick was putting his smelly feet up on the chairs and they had asked him to stop, but Rick didn’t give a sh*t.

“F*ck this. I can do what I want,” he said.

So Charlie, Eddie’s brother, went over to Rick.

“Motherf*cker, this ain’t no joke up here,” he said and started choking Rick to restrain him. That didn’t go over too well with Rick. He got up and dusted himself off. And when Charlie turned his back to him, Rick called out.

“Hey, Charlie.”

Charlie turned around and POW, Rick hit him so hard that you could see the impression “RJ” from Rick’s big diamond ring on Charlie’s face.

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