Mike Vick Talks About His Friendship With Riley Cooper

Mike Vick runs for yardage

Michael Vick isn’t a hypocrite and I respect him for that. Vick did his time for his part in a dog fighting operation and has asked people to give him a second chance.

Sadly, there are some people who are going to forever hold that over his head. When Riley Cooper was caught on tape saying he wanted to fight “all the niggers”, Vick could have easily stayed out of the controversy, but he stood up for him.

Because of that, most of his teammates fell in line. Here is what Vick had to say about his relationship with Cooper.

“When that happened, Riley came to me and thanked me. He doesn’t have to thank me anymore – because mutually we know how much our friendship means,” Vick told USA TODAY Sports Wednesday. “I’m just so proud of him to see him having such a great season.

“I’m glad to say he’s one of my teammates.”

“He’s playing free now and he was playing hesitant back then – he was just trying to figure the whole situation out,” Vick said. “Now he’s back to his old self.”

Similar to Vick, Riley Cooper has to live with that video being out there for the rest of his life. We can only hope that like Vick he becomes a better person from it.

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  • Cooper doesn’t have to do anything but, fake being a better person and hope that somebody else does something worse than him to take off the heat. Que Richie Incognito, I feel Mike Vick will spend his life never being forgiven but these cats will go on apology tours, get cosigned by some brothas and all is well for them.

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