NBA Execs On Carmelo Anthony: “He’s Not A Winner”


As Carmelo Anthony heads towards his impending free agency, his reputation and value among some NBA executives might surprise even him.

ESPN’s Chris Broussard spoke with several league executives about Anthony, asking them about Anthony’s strengths and weaknesses and if they thought he had enough drive to win a title on his own.

The answers are revealing, but not that shocking.

One executive compared him to Stephon Marbury. and another said worse.

“He’s probably Robin on a championship team instead of Batman. He has Batman talent, but the intangibles are missing.”

“He’s not a winner.”

I think Anthony will continue to open himself to such criticism as long as refuses to change his game to make his teammates better.

Anthony has had stretches this year where he’s jacked up 26 shots or more in a game, while having 3 assist or less.  He must make a concerted effort to make his teammates better or he’ll never be considered a winner in this league.

2 thoughts on “NBA Execs On Carmelo Anthony: “He’s Not A Winner”

  • You and NBA don’t mix. He isn’t a winner but name another player that has lead his team to the playoffs EVERY year since in the NBA……… He has never had a second scorer and an alki Iverson doesn’t count. The year he had a team the went to west conference finals they actually had a real team. But let’s blame it on Melo and not Amare or no scoring Chandler.

    • It is his fault.. Jacking up shots and not getting his teammates involved. He wanted to go to NY and be the man now he has to act like it. And how does having AI not count? Stop making excuses he’s a 6’8 Bubba chuck (AI). Even Kobe learned to pass and get his teammates involved. smh Oh and tell him to slide his pups and play some freaking defense.. Become a 2 way player.. Effect the game on the defensive end. Lebron figured that out a while ago.. Scoring is good and needed but so is defense, rebounding (I admit Melo has improved in this area) and getting his team involve. Lebron is just a dangerous scoring as he is passing/creating shots for others, rebounding and defending. Melo should do the same. I think Melo has all the physical skills to be as good as Lebron but not the mentality as a team first player.. smh

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