NCAA Rules Tennessee DT Maurice Couch Permanently Ineligible

maurice couch

Despite whether you believe student athletes deserve to be paid or not, rules are rules. Tennessee defensive tackle, Maurice Couch, had to learn that the hard way. According to USA Today, the NCAA has ruled Couch permanently ineligible after reports surfaced back in September that the redshirt senior received improper benefits from an agent. According to the report, the Florida native received four payments equaling $1350.

Maurice Couch sent off a string of tweets thanking his family, fans, and coaches for all of their support.



It is unfortunate that Couch’s collegiate career will have to come to a premature end over $1350, but rules are rules. Tennessee plans to appeal the NCAA’s decision citing their initial cooperation with the NCAA. They suspended him immediately when the NCAA began their investigation and they are hoping the NCAA will cut them some slack because of this.

2 thoughts on “NCAA Rules Tennessee DT Maurice Couch Permanently Ineligible

  • ESPN reporter Bomani Jones said, “The NCAA is good at two things, drug testing and keeping kids broke!”

  • A twenty something year old college football player that is broke and starving. Many players can’t get something to eat during breakfast or lunch, but the head coach makes millions of dollars a year. Someone approaches a player and hands him a few thousand dollars. How is he supposed to say no to that. That is like a homeless person saying no to free money. All players unite!

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