Nebraska’s Bo Pelini: “If They Want to Fire Me, Go Ahead”


Bo Pelini doesn't like halftime question.

Normally, you say things like this when you want to get fired.

“If they want to fire me, go ahead,” Pelini told reporters after the Cornhuskers’ 38-17 loss to Iowa on Friday to finish the regular season 8-4. “I believe in what I’ve done. I don’t apologize to you. I don’t apologize to anybody, myself or this staff. My record, our record since I’ve been here, speaks for itself. And this program is heading in a good direction.

“You choose not to think so, that’s your prerogative. All I know is myself, this staff, the people who have been associated with this program since I’ve been here can look themselves in the mirror and feel good about what they’ve done.”

We will have to see what happens, but no one would shed many tears if he was fired.


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