New Woman Claims Royce White is the Father of Her Child, Wants Cash (Photos)


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The good news for Royce is because he was cut by the Sixers and will probably never play in the NBA again he doesn’t have much money to give.

The bad news for Royce is whatever money he does have left is going to to go 4 or is it 6 kids.  The latest woman in from Minnesota and is pictured in the photos above.

Here is what she had to say in court documents obtained by TMZ.

Deuane Ning Keomanivanh spells out why she believes the former 1st round NBA Draft pick fathered her son:

— She claims they banged in Minn. around 8/10/2012 
— She claims she didn’t bang any other dude 6 weeks before OR after that date. 
— She gave birth to the kid just about 9 months later. 

Ning is asking for unspecified child support and full legal and physical custody of the baby boy. She also wants Royce to have “no parenting time” with the kid. 

Translation — send money, but stay the hell out of our lives. 

Be Well Royce.

Royce White to make his debut.

4 thoughts on “New Woman Claims Royce White is the Father of Her Child, Wants Cash (Photos)

  • LOL….these chick are something else….I guess it’s all about hitting the baby mama lottery….get banged by a baller…have a kid…get paid…..

  • Royce must of gave her a pipedream cuz Ning could of been with lots of other men. Angie probably mad cause this the 2nd baby that been born before hers

  • I’m pretty sure it’s known she’s been with many others and is still chasin’. Royce was just careless as usual and fell once again into the trap. Looks like she’s had some work done from the different appearance in the pics in attempts to land the big payout. Just another low life jock sniffin’ groupie, IMO. Too bad these women feel a baby is a meal ticket.

  • Why do these ballers always fall for game? He got game on the court, but no game when it comes to women. Don’t have time to school you Royce, my suggestion to you. Keep it in your pants if you can’t wear a GYM HAT!!!!!!!!!

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