Report: O.J. Simpson Could Be Khloe Kardashian’s Father


Wouldn’t this be amazing for reality TV, and the business of online media.

According to Page Six of the New York Post, O.J. Simpson’s manager is claiming that the Hall of Fame running back and convicted felon could be the father of Khloe Kardashian.

Norman Pardo says Simpson may have hooked-up with Kardashian’s mom, Kris Jenner, in the 1980s, when she and late ex-hubby Robert Kardashian used to vacation with Simpson.

“It’s all going to come out sooner or later,” Pardo said. “Khloe could be O.J.’s kid.”

Pardo of course claims that Kris Jenner was never the faithful type.

“They all took their vacations together. There was a lot of partying going on back then ….Kris cheated on Robert — she was known for having a good time,” he said.

Kris and O.J. were “close” long before Robert Karashian defended Simpson against charges he had murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson, Pardo said.

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  • That would explain why she looks so much different than her sisters…ijs

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