Ohio State Fan Hacks UM Instagram Account, Posts Beaten Wolverine Photo



As most of you know I am an Ohio State Alum.

I am an unique alum in the fact when I came to OSU it was towards the end of the John Cooper era and when I left it was the start of the Sweatervest era.

So, I’ve seen both sides of the OSU vs. UM rivalry, the good, the bad and the ugly. I am not a native of Ohio, so I don’t have any ill will toward Michigan (grew up a Fab 5 fan and Desmond Howard is one of my favorite college players of all time), but I have so much love for my University, of course I want them to beat down Michigan every chance they get.

Good to know our IT students are on their job, hacking into the Michigan Instagram account.


PS: Our band rocks.


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