Oregon Suspends Two Basketball Players 10-15 Games for Selling Exclusive Shoes

oregon basketball

The Oregon basketball team has suspended basketball players Dominic Artis and Ben Carter following a violation of NCAA rules. What violation was it? They sold exclusive shoes given to them by Oregon (Nike). They allegedly sold the sneakers over the summer along with three other former players.

Oregon actually self-reported the violation so there shouldn’t be anymore trouble. I am actually surprised this doesn’t happen more often to Oregon considering how often they get “special” uniforms for both football and basketball. The question is though, if they are your shoes then why can’t you sell them?

I guess Ohio State football taught us your property isn’t really yours while the NCAA owns you.

Also, in a weird twist, check out this quick video from Campus Insiders that shows how coach Dana Altman gave away special shoes to Kevin Durant. A little bit ironic huh:


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