OSU Cheerleader Kicked Off Team After He Makes Sexual Harassment Complaint

Cody Ellis OSU Cheerleader

Cody Ellis, an OSU cheerleader whose sexual harassment allegations led to the firing of his coach, has been dismissed from the team.

H/T: International Business Times

Ellis told investigators Eddie Hollins slapped male students’ butts or testicles and made sexually suggestive jokes towards them. Dana Bumbrey made similar remarks towards female cheerleaders – nicknaming one cheerleader “Fornicate” and commenting the size of their buttocks during routines, the Columbus Dispatch reports.

The 22-year-old also said he received sexually explicit text messages from Hollins. Ellis said the messages started after he told the coach he was gay. One of the texts said “can’t wait to see your hit (hot) a–” and “send me some pics and video.”

Ellis’ lawyer, John Camillus, says his dismissal from the team was in retaliation for his complaint.

“This retaliation by the head coach is despicable, and the university’s unwillingness to protect students who come forward as victims of sexual misconduct is equally abhorrent.”

An OSU spokesperson says that the removal is not related to his sexual harassment claim. Head coach Lenee Buchman, has retained her job and she and her staff have been ordered to attend sexual harassment training.