Paul Pierce And Kevin Garnett Didn’t Show Up To Game Against Clippers

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KG and Paul Pierce kind of have the upper hand when it comes to doing things their way. Between their longevity in the league and their personalities certain teams have learned to just let them be.

ESPN, due to injury Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett opted to not fly to LA and share in the loss. Getting coverage of the two players against their former coach would have made for the perfect story but instead the two veterans were spoiled by him and carried that to Brooklyn. When asked about the absence of KG and Pierce, Clippers coach, Rivers responded:

“I know when Kevin doesn’t play he never comes to the game,” Rivers said. “Paul either for that matter. That’s something we set up in Boston.

Now the Brooklyn Nets have to deal with it.”

The Nets have acquired two of the NBA’s hard working men but at the same time, you cant teach old dogs new tricks. I do believe that the Nets need their leadership; Kidd needs them around to build that team and chemistry. The Nets have the necessary pieces to have a strong team and become a threat in the east but its going to take a team effort and everybody on that team to make that effort.