Peter King Co-Signs Foles Saying He’s Proud of Riley Cooper Since He Went Through So Much


Let’s make one thing clear, I never thought that Riley Cooper should be suspended or cut, because if you did that, you would have to suspend every player in the league who said any racist, prejudice or sexiest remark in their free time or on the field.

But, I don’t think anyone should feel sorry for Riley Cooper.

He was the one saying he wanted to beat up all the Niggers. It was clear, it was on video and he only has himself to blame for any pain that he has went through, but Peter King who always plays favorite had this to say.

Ask someone what Peter King says about Michael Vick in private and you will see the hypocrisy in these comments and RTs. I guess forgiveness is only allowed if you like the player. Just another example of the biased mainstream media.