Raymond Felton Apologizes to Knicks Fans, Tells Them to Not Panic

Raymond Felton

Knicks need to worry less about the fans more about what is happening on the court.

But, Felton decided to cop a plea to the fans to forgive them for how they are playing so far this season.

“The fans are not here in the locker room with us,” Felton said on The Michael Kay Show on ESPN New York 98.7. “They are not inside (knowing) what’s going on with this team. All I can say to the fans is we do apologize. I am speaking on behalf of myself and my teammates. We do apologize for the way we have been playing.

“We are not playing Knicks basketball right now,” Felton continued. “We understand that. We are going to play harder, we are going to play better. It’s early on in the season. Just be patient with us.”

“We are going through a little slump right now,” Felton explained. “I know the fans and everybody is starting to panic a little bit. We are fine man. It’s only game five coming up. It’s still early in the season. We are going to get through it.”

“Some things we got to work out,” Felton added. “We got a lot of new guys to the team. There are a lot of things we are still working on. It’s still early. No need to panic.”