Rays Try To Improve Tropicana Field By Adding New Seats

rays tropicana field upgrade


Arguably the worst stadium since the Astrodome, the ‘Trop’ in Tampa Bay is slowly improving.

Even the Rays despise the hideously domed stadium they call home. The lackluster attendance numbers starkly contrast the Rays’ great TV ratings, which tell the story that many know all too well–Tropicana Field is a hell hole.

While the team isn’t moving to a new stadium anytime soon, some moves have been made to make the place more bearable to play in and view a game in.

The Rays are making a major renovation to Tropicana Field, creating 360-degree circulation by adding walkways behind the outfield seating areas and opening up what was the dark-walled Batters Eye restaurant into an open-air meeting spot for fans.

New seating is pretty much just a band-aid on the bleeding wound that is the current state of the Trop, but  isn’t it the thought that counts?

H/T: NBC Sports