Red Sox Take Out Ad Thanking St. Louis (Photo)


Sometimes a good gesture goes completely wrong. That’s pretty much what happened when the Red Sox decided to put an ad in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch thanking Cardinals fans according to Deadspin. I’m going to assume then ad was meant as a peace offering or a gesture of thanking the Cards for their effort and the city of St. Louis for their hospitality. However, it comes across more like the winner rubbing it all over the losing team’s face that they have the trophy and won the championship.

Nice try Red Sox organization, but I think the Cardinals don’t care too much for the “better luck next time” speech. One other thing needs to be pointed out. The St. Louis newspaper gladly took the Red Sox money in order to post this ad.

One thought on “Red Sox Take Out Ad Thanking St. Louis (Photo)

  • Boston has overtaken Atlanta and NYC as the most obnoxious, vain and overrated city in the universe.

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