Redskins Trent Williams Says Refs Called Him ‘Fat Ass Garbage’ (Video)

trent williams

After the Redskins lost a close game to the Eagles today, Trent Williams let loose on the refs, including saying that they called him “fat ass garbage”. Here are the quotes from NBC’s Diana Russini:

Wow thats about as harshly as you will ever see a player come out against refs during postgame comments. Also according to Russini, referee Walt Coleman declined to comment after the game. Also there is a chance the team could get audio of this since interior lineman are mic’d up.

You know things are getting out of hand when refs are out here bullying people. No Incognito though.

And now we have video:

2 thoughts on “Redskins Trent Williams Says Refs Called Him ‘Fat Ass Garbage’ (Video)

  • Poor Trent, I guess he will have to put on his big girl panties and go home.

  • Oh no can it be….Referee bullying? Better wear a wire next week Trent..get it on video..carry your I Phone next to all that extra room in your jock..Man up!!!!!!!!!!!

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