Broussard’s Sources Say Celtics Willing to Trade for Amar’e


When it was reported earlier yesterday that the Boston Celtics had no reported interest in trading Rajon Rondo to the New York Knicks, it was thought that any type of deal between the two teams would be dead for this season at least. When it was revealed that the Knicks were trying to get rid of Amar’e’s contract, I thought all deals would be dead because who could possibly want Stoudemire’s 2 years-$45 million?

If you trust Chris Broussard, I was wrong.

Ultimately we’ll see how this plays out, and anytime “sources” are involved you have to be willing to take it with a grain of salt.

But with the Knicks almost desperate o get rid of Stoudemire perhaps in an attempt to appease ‘Melo, don’t be shocked if they strike up some sort of deal eventually.

We’re just one season away from the words “Stoudemire’s expiring contract.” I know the Knicks can’t wait.

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