Report: Dolphins’ Coaches Told Incognito to Toughen Up Jonathan Martin


Jonathan Martin

If this is true, while Incognito went overboard, the Dolphins should be suspending their coaches as well.

Miami Dolphins’ coaches asked player Richie Incognito, who was the offensive line’s undisputed leader, to toughen up teammate Jonathan Martin after he missed a voluntary workout last spring, at least two sources told the Sun Sentinel.

The sources told the paper they believe that Incognito, who is accused of using racially incendiary language and bullying tactics against Martin, may have taken those orders too far.

It’s not clear whether those marching orders will now become part of a pending investigation by the NFL into the Dolphins’ locker room culture, and the alleged bullying that took place between Incognito and Martin.

“I’m just trying to weather the storm right now. This will pass,” Incognito told WSVN-TV when reached outside a doctor’s office.

The question begs would Incognito send those voicemails and texts if the Dolphins coaches didn’t instruct him to toughen up Martin?

I am sure that is the argument that Incognito will make.


  1. Holy New Orleans Saints, this sounds similar to bountygate. Why hasn’t Roger Goodell made a statement about this serious incident? It’s true, the NFL is a league in denial!

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