Report: Knicks G Iman Shumpert Had Secret Knee Surgery In July


The Knicks are turning into the Jets with more talent.

According to the New York Daily News Shumpert had a secret knee surgery in July that the Knicks didn’t know about.  That surgery could be affecting his trade value, and his current lack of playing time.

Iman Shumpert had a second left knee operation over the summer, the Daily News has learned, and it is unclear if the unreported surgery could affect his trade value — with the desperate Knicks trying to package Shumpert in a number of proposed deals, including one for Boston’s Rajon Rondo.

According to a source, Shumpert had arthroscopic surgery on his left knee last July that the Knicks never reported. In September, the Daily News reported that Amar’e Stoudemire had knee surgery over the summer, which the Knicks also elected not to make public.

This goes in hand with the Knicks wanting to trade Amare’ Stoudemire, and acquire Rajon Rondo.  What you have is the New York Knicks trying to trade everything and everyone to appease Carmelo Anthony.