Report: Knicks Staff Doesn’t Believe JR Smith’s Brother Even Has D-League Talent


The question begs why is Chris Smith even on the roster if they staff thinks he is garbage?

Yahoo Sports has your answer.

If winning is an obsession to Anthony, let’s be honest: He would’ve stayed in better shape, been a better leader and teammate in his career. Anthony would’ve used his organizational muscle to spare the franchise’s wasting of a roster spot for J.R. Smith’s younger brother as part of a sweetener to re-sign the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year.

Everyone wants to blame Creative Arts Agency for the packaging of the players, but Chris Smith, associated with a different agency two years ago, had been granted a guaranteed contract with the Knicks for the 2011-12 season. Only, Smith blew out his knee and received his $490,000 on the injured list. This was a stooge deal on New York’s behalf, an embarrassment afforded a player, J.R. Smith, who doesn’t deserve this kind of treatment.

“Glen Grunwald never wanted to do it, never felt right about it back then,” one source with knowledge of the package deal said. “That call came from above him.”

Within the Knicks coaching staff, they believe Chris Smith doesn’t even have the talent to be an NBA Development League player – never mind worthy of a roster spot. One opposing GM called him “maybe the worst player in the history of the [NBA] summer league.”

Jerry Jones thinks this is crazy.

Good luck with them Knicks Fan.