Report: Richie Incognito Joked About Players Having Sex With Staff Member’s Wife


That isn’t a very nice thing to say, if true.

But the part that you should pay attention to in this report by the National Football Post is how the Dolphins seemed to be fully aware of Incognito’s antics and didn’t do anything about them.

According to one of the sources, Incognito would sometimes dress in garb from the staff member’s culture and then make profane jokes about that culture. A second source said that at least one other player joined in on the antics, creating an extremely uncomfortable environment for the staff member.

Worse, Incognito said on a number of occasions that the staff member’s wife had sexual relationships with several members of the team.

The most troubling element to this is that the behavior was done in view of other team staff members and was allowed to go on without being curtailed by team management or front-office staff.

Everyone is going to sue the Dolphins now, just watch.

7 thoughts on “Report: Richie Incognito Joked About Players Having Sex With Staff Member’s Wife

  • Damn, leave the big guy alone already. The “media” has now become the “bully”.

    • The Media is the BULLY.? It is their job as professional sports writers to report the news. Incognito, is a total jerk, and buffoon. His strange personality is well known from previous team members. Perhaps, they could use him in the CFL.

  • Really? What a shock! Such a nice guy! IDIOT

  • OMG, send him to prison immediately!!
    LOL, what a ridiculous article.

  • This another example of why this person belongs in prison it is just another incident of unacceptable behavior form anybody! The whole staff will lose there jobs as well how can you not say something!

    • Please explain to every one here why someone that is known to do these things as a joke , the same way that thousands of comedians do every day needs to be in prison!
      As a matter of fact watch comedy central , you will see a lot worse! You are a self righteous idiot!

  • Please explain the difference between a professional comedian talking randomly in a comedy club and a guy creating a hostile and uncomfortable work environment for his colleagues. These guys didn’t come to work to here “jokes” about their culture or their spouses. And why am I sure these staff members were lower on the totem pool and thus wouldn’t feel comfortable complaining about a “star” player? Face it, the guy is going to be bankrupt eventually because once he leaves football, no real company will hire this nut!

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