Report: Richie Incognito Left Jonathan Martin Racial, Threatening Voicemails


The Jonathan Martin harassment situation in Miami is beginning to take a turn for the worse, and heads will definitely start to roll for the blatant dysfunction the Dolphins have displayed.

Amid the Dolphins suspending Incognito indefinitely for conduct detrimental to the team, Fox Sports is reporting that the Dolphins have been made aware of “Incognito sending  Martin text messages and he reportedly left him voicemail’s that are both threatening and racially charged.”

Sources said those messages will be shared with the league as part of the investigation.

The new information released by Martin and his representatives has made the Dolphins change their stance from unknowing franchise, to a team asking the league and the NFLPA for their help in the matter.

The tone of the voicemails and the text messages make it more of a hate crime, rather than simple bullying.

Richie Incognito Voicemail

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  • If these allegations are true, WTF is wrong with this guy???? I wish Martin could’ve just gone Beast Mode and beat the crap out of this guy.

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