Report: Richie Incognito to File Grievance Against Dolphins



He probably has a case, based on the information his teammates are putting out there.

According to¬†‘s Alex Marvez, Incognito, who doesn’t collect a paycheck while suspended, is expected to file a grievance against the Dolphins for losing his $235,294.12 weekly salary.


  1. Regardless of How I PERSONALLY FEEL About This Dude… He SHOULD DO THIS Though (Yuppp…)

    The FACT He has the ENTIRE SQUAD (Including the BLACK-FACE DUNCES Too…) Wholeheartedly SUPPORTING HIM… He has a LEGIT-CASE becuz the WHOLE WORK-FORCE (NFL Players in THAT locker-room…) is Justifying that HE WAS WRONGED Though (MmmHmm…)

  2. This should be very interesting. If he loses his case we find out what is going on – if he wins his case we find out what is going on… Was what he did acceptable to the Dolpins organization or not!

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