Report: Robinson Cano Possibly Meets with Tigers


But the Tigers just acquired Ian Kinsler in the Prince Fielder trade, they certainly wouldn’t be interested in another second baseman. Definitely not one that will come with the hefty price tag that Robinson Cano will command. So this has to be false, right?

Well it depends on who you believe. According to  Chris Iott of, a chartered plane carrying either Cano himself or his representatives chartered a plane to meet with Tigers’ representatives Thursday or Friday. But here is where it gets a little fuzzy.

Neither side has confirmed a meeting took place yet. And according to the Detroit News, there was indeed a chartered plane that landed in Ypsilanti, Michigan on Friday. About a hour drive from downtown Detroit. Naturally, airport employees refused to discuss who was on board.

Could it have been Cano or his agents? Possibly. I doubt that any type of deal between the two sides comes to fruition, especially with Max Scherzer and Miguel Cabrera up for extensions very soon.

But we have seen crazier things. Huge free agents sign with teams that nobody saw coming. Just ask Pujols about how he ended up with the Angels.

Being from the Detroit area, here’s hoping they don’t dole out the reported $300 million Jay Z and Cano are looking for.